Enrolment for external applicants (students from schools other than Ark Burlington Danes Academy) will take place on Thursday 20th August.

To ensure social distancing, we are asking that students enrol at the following times according to their surnames:

Surnames beginning with letters A to H: 2pm

Surnames beginning with letters I to P: 2.20pm

Surnames beginning with letters Q to Z: 2.40pm

It is essential that you arrive at school at this time rather than before or after. You will need to enter the school through the Wood Lane entrance, staff will be available to direct you when you arrive.

You need to bring with you:

  • GCSE results statement
  • Passport (or other proof of ID and citizenship status)
  • Reference letter from your school (if not already submitted)


Please check that your grades meet the minimum entry criteria for Ark BDA Sixth Form as otherwise you are unlikely to be able to enrol. External applicants should seek advice from their own secondary schools or go directly to other providers.

We are really looking forward to seeing you on 20th August. If you have any questions about any of the above information you can contact me directly at Anne.Stephenson@burlingtondanes.org


Sixth Form Applications

Our applications to Ark Burlington Danes Sixth Form Academy September 2020 are now CLOSED!

We welcome late application requests from any applicants for whom there is an appropriate course and who demonstrate a positive attitude to learning, a level of attendance that will support achievement, and a record of conduct that is in keeping with the school code of conduct. 

Please email Natalie.Foster@burlingtondanes.org KS5 Lead Administrator for further information regarding late applications.

The key to success in sixth form is choosing the most suitable pathway based on your strengths and ambitions. Our application process provides ample opportunity to discuss your plans and receive honest advice and guidance on your course choices.


A levels pathway

  • This pathway requires at least 6 A*-B or 6 9-6 grades at GCSE including English Language and Maths.
  • Students need to achieve at least a B or a 6 at GCSE in their chosen A' Level subjects, or closely related subjects (e.g. English and Science grades are used for Psychology entry). 
  • Students wanting to continue with Further Maths will need a minimum grade 8 in Maths
  • Students wanting to continue with Further Maths will need a minimum grade 8 in Maths

BTEC pathway (equivalent to 3 A levels)

  • Students entering this pathway require 5 A*-C or 5 9-4 grades at GCSE (One of these should be in English Language or Maths), including relevant BTEC Level 2 Courses.
  • This pathway allows students to complete the equivalent of 3 A Levels in a vocational pathway.
  • If a student has not achieved a 4 grade in English Language OR Maths GCSE they will also have the option to resit this alongside their Vocational course (not both Maths AND English Language)

Sixth form entry requirements

Please consider the following subject specific entry criteria for our A level courses. You should select courses based on the predicted GCSE grades you have entered, and the pathway to which you have been directed.

  • Biology: 7 in GCSE Science
  • Chemistry: 7 in GCSE Science
  • Economics: 6 in GCSE Mathematics and English Language
  • English: 6 in GCSE English Literature & Language
  • Art and Design: 6 in GCSE Art
  • French: 6 in GCSE French
  • Further Mathematics: 8 in GCSE Mathematics
  • Geography: 6 in GCSE Geography
  • Government & Politics: 6 in GCSE Humanities subject
  • History: 6 in GCSE History
  • Mathematics: 7 in GCSE Mathematics
  • Media: 6 in GCSE English
  • Music: 6 in GCSE Music
  • Physics: 7 in GCSE Science
  • Psychology: 6 in GCSE Science & GCSE English
  • Religion, Philosophy & Ethics: 6 in Religious Education
  • Sociology: 6 in GCSE Humanities subject

Application process

  1. Apply Online through our school website
  2. Read course guides and view videos on website
  3. Use predicted/working at grades to select most suitable pathway
  4. Complete application form online (Deadline 31 January 2020)
  5. A school teacher reference will be obtained confirming your grades
  6. Attend interview
  7. Receive conditional offer letter
  8. Attend Enrolment Day to confirm place with GCSE results

Click the link for our Course Guide: Course Guide