At Ark Burlington Danes Academy we are committed to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing to all students, their families and members of staff. Our open culture allows students’ voices to be heard, and through the use of effective policies and procedures we ensure a safe and supportive environment for all affected - both directly and indirectly - by mental health issues. This links directly to our Christian vision which aims to ensure that ‘At Ark Burlington Danes Academy, we believe that everyone deserves to be accepted, included and empowered to live a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. Through learning to our fullest potential and living a life filled with kindness and thankfulness, we can be the ones to make the world a better place.’

We have a wealth of mental health and wellbeing support available in school. We provide training to all members of staff on ways to support the emotional mental health and wellbeing of students, their families and themselves. This includes a clear referral process so that any concerns that are raised by students, their families, or their teachers are addressed as soon as possible.

In order to provide higher level support directly to students in school, we have a dedicated safeguarding team who work hard to support all our students This includes two external counselling services, Place2Be and Hammersmith and Fulham Mind:Trailblazers.


Place2Be is an in-school counselling service that provides mental health and wellbeing support to students who need it. Place2Be offers the services below and can support your child and their family in a range of mental health issues, as well as supporting referrals to additional support through CAMHS and other external agencies.

If you would like to request a referral for your child to Place2Be, please email us at You can also reach out to your child’s form tutor or Head of Year, who can help you further with your concerns.



Hammersmith and Fulham Mind:Trailblazers

Ark Burlington Danes Academy have partnered with H&F Mind to provide enhanced mental health and wellbeing support to our students and families to ensure that we are caring for you during these challenging times.

Hi! We are the Education Mental Health Practitioners at Ark Burlington Danes School; Daphine and Liliya. We work for Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind and work at the school every Monday. Within Ark Burlington Danes Academy, we work closely with Elizabeth Rhodes who is the school’s Safeguarding and Mental Health Lead.

In our role we provide support for your young people who might find it difficult to cope with specific situations. We help students to learn about what might be affecting their wellbeing by exploring their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and providing them with a safe space to talk and practical strategies to help them better manage how they are feeling. We offer different types of support to students as well as parents and carers as listed below:

  • Up to 8 weekly sessions of low intensity CBT for students (45-60 mins)
  • Weekly telephone drop-in service held every Monday for parents: 20 minute calls to have a chat and explore any difficulties your child may be having. We can provide advice or signpost you to resources and services that can further support your child with their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Workshops to students and parents/carers on mental health awareness topis: e.g. transitioning back to work/ school, how to manage anxiety etc

For more information, or to sign up for these services please see the attached posters, whether you are a student (link) or family member (link), or contact us at (see attached drop in posters)

If you would like to book a 20-minute drop-in session to discuss any concerns around your child’s mental health or wellbeing, please simply follow the steps below:

  • Email
  • In the subject write “Ark BDA Secondary drop-in service expression of interest”
  • Include your name and phone number
  • Select your preferred time –Monday: 3pm, 3:20pm, 3:40pm, 4pm

We know that mental health and wellbeing is a huge area of concern for many of our parents and we want to support you to be informed and know how to respond to any issues raised by your children. Please see the links below for our wellbeing guides about how to keep your children safe in school, at home and in the local community.

If you have any queries about keeping your child safe that are not addressed in our guidance below, please don’t hesitate to reach out for further support by emailing You can also reach out to your child’s form tutor or Head of Year, who can help you further with your concerns.


Please see the below notices from our professional partners that will provide additional guidance in how to keep your children safe in school:

Hammersmith and Fulham Police Staying Safe Notice:

  • Keep to busy streets and roads where there may be CCTV and more people about; avoid quiet or secluded areas especially as short cuts
  • If you are going to any area you don’t know, plan in advance how to get there; look confident and always tell someone where you are going
  • Try not to have your phone and other valuables on view – this may attract the attention of robbers
  • Make sure your phone is registered to you and consider installing a tracker app; make sure you know the IMEI number in case it is stolen
  • Using headphones reduces your awareness of what is happening around you and makes you more vulnerable
  • If someone threatens you with a knife for your phone, airpods or anything else – don’t risk your life – property can be replaced but you can’t
  • You can register airpods to yourself by finding the number on the charger case and then registering this on a property database such as Immobilise
  • You are more likely to be seriously hurt if you carry a knife for your own protection or on behalf of another – it’s not worth the risk

COVID19 brought up many new concerns for students and their families that have affected their mental health and wellbeing. Please see the links below for support and guidance around this topic.