Pupils at Ark Burlington Danes enjoy the sense of pride they get from wearing a smart uniform and the sense of community it fosters. Because of the value and benefit derived from high standards of uniform, the school requires strict adherence to the uniform policy. Please ensure that you read this carefully and that your child is appropriately dressed in order to avoid being sent home. Please label all items of uniform so that they can be identified easily if lost.

Our uniform shop is Khalsa School wear, 388-390 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AH. It is open all year round and accessed on line at: www.khalsaschoolwear.co.uk or by telephoning 0207 729 3286

Uniform for boys and girls in Year 7-11 (2021-21)

Item Description
Lanyard Students will be issued lanyards upon joining the academy
Outer jackets/coats Plain, dark coloured (no hoodies/denim/leather)
Blazer* Navy blue with school crest must be worn at all times
Pullover ABDA Pullover only (optional)
Shirt Navy and white stripe or plain white formal shirt/blouse
Trousers/Skirts Charcoal grey properly hemmed and not frayed no combat pockets on legs (must be worn around the waist). BDA tartan skirt, must be worn with either tights or knee length socks (plain black or navy) and should sit no higher than 1 inch above the knee
Tie Relevant year group colours (top button done up) and tie worn at appropriate length (to navel)
Socks Dark colours: black or navy
Shoes Black leather or ‘leather effect’ shoes (no boots, trainers, sandals, not suede, canvas or other soft top)
Rucksack/Messenger Bag* ABDA rucksack/messenger bag only
Headwear Only plain black or navy woolly hats are allowed. Religious headwear allowed and must be plain black or navy. No other headwear or coverings are permitted
Scarf and gloves Dark colours: Plain black or navy without designs or patterns. Academy scarf permitted*


Rugby Top* ABDA Rugby top
Polo Shirt* ABDA Polo shirt (navy with school crest)
Shorts* ABDA Shorts (Navy with school crest)
Sweatshirt* ABDA (Navy with school crest)
Jogging bottoms* ABDA (Navy with school crest)
Football/Hockey Socks ABDA (Navy with yellow stripe)
Football boots Boots with moulded studs, blades or interchangeable studs for rugby
3g Astroturf boots
Shin pads

Additional appearance

Hairstyles: Hair must be naturally coloured, with an appropriate style. There should be no tramlines or patterns in the hair or eyebrows. Long hair must be tied back when required (for example, during PE lessons, classroom practicals).
Piercings: 1 small plain stud (no diamond/stones) only in each ear allowed (no hooped style or dangling earrings). Facial piercings are not permitted under any circumstances.
Aesthetics: No false or acrylic nails are permitted under any circumstances. Natural nails need to be trimmed and maintained. No coloured nail polish is permitted. No makeup, including false eyelashes are permitted (students will be required to remove any makeup immediately). No other jewellery apart from earrings (as above) or wrist watches.


Items marked * are ONLY to be purchased at the academy suppliers

Appearance: uniform must be appropriate at all times it is worn, including to and from the academy. You represent the academy at all times when wearing the uniform, including in the local community or on any trips or fixtures.