Mr. Peter Haylock           Executive Principal            
Mr. Paul Bhatia Principal
Ms. Laura Morris            Vice Principal (Curriculum & Assessment)   
Mr. Danny Bryant Vice Principal (Behaviour)
Mr. James Lovell Assistant Principal (Raising Aspirations)
Ms. Anne Stephenson Assistant Principal (Sixth Form)
Ms. Sahara Khan Assistant Principal (PSHCE)
Mr. John Rawkins Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning)
Ms. Elizabeth Rhodes Assistant Principal (SENCo and Safeguarding)
Ms. Olivia Williamson Assistant Principal (Christian Ethos & Enrichment)
Mr. Steve Crawford Assistant Principal (Attendance & Punctuality)
Ms. Terri Roach Assistant Principal
Mr. Christopher Currie Operations Director
Ms. Leona Friar Head of Year (Year 7) 
Ms. Rebecca Barber  Head of Year (Year 8) 
Ms. Angela Charalambous Head of Year (Year 9)
Ms. Abiola Akingbule Head of Year (Year 10)
Mr. Steve Crawford Head of Year (Year 11)
Mr. Ben Jennings Head of Year (Year 12)
Mr. Sean Goorah Head of Year (Year 13)