7:45am Academy library opens for students/Breakfast served in dining hall(until 8:15am).
8:20am All students expected to be in school. Morning line up with P1 teachers at 8:20 (KS3)/8.30(KS4).
8:30am Period 1
9:25am Period 2
10:20am Break (KS3)/AM Tutor Time (KS4/5)
10:40am Break (KS4/5)/AM Tutor Time (KS3).
11:00am Period 3
11:55am Period 4
12:50pm Lunch (KS3)/PM Tutor Time (KS4/5)
1:30pm Lunch (KS4/5)/PM Tutor Time (KS3)
2:10pm Period 5
3:05pm End of school day (KS3)/P6 (KS4/5)
4.00pm End of school day (KS4/5)