7:45am Academy library opens for students/Breakfast served in dining hall(until 8:15am).
8:20am All students expected to be in school. Morning line up with P1 teachers at 8:25am.
8:30am Period 1
9:20am Period 2
10:05am Period 3
10:50am Break
11:10am Period 4. Line up with Tutors. Character Programme.
11:35pm Period 5
12:25pm Period 6
1:10pm Lunch
1:55pm Period 7
2:45pm Period 8
3:30pm Afternoon line up and start of the academy enrichment programme.

Lunch Menus

Please click the link below to view our school menus for this term.

Food is locally sourced, organic when possible and all meat used is halal.

Our in house chefs and catering team aim to provide a healthy balanced diet to our students.

Each menu contains a variety of dishes from around the world; these choices are informed by discussions with students and staff and reflect the food from the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our school community.

We take care to ensure that all dietary needs are taken into account so that all students are able enjoy a suitable meal each day.

Winter Menus - 2019