At Burlington Danes Academy, we aim to ensure that our students are given the tools, skills and knowledge to not only achieve academic success, but also, to be prepared for the world of work, higher education or apprenticeships. We want to ensure that our students are fully prepared to achieve and progress to the next stage in their lives with confidence. We put a lot of emphasis on appropriate student guidance, and to reflect that we have a fully resourced, full time careers department.

ArkBDA’s mission, is about what we desire for each and every student – To prepare students for university or a career of their choice. It is important to us that all students understand the opportunities that a school and university education will afford them in terms of careers and quality of life, and our 3 core school drivers permeate our pathways and enrichment provision to ensure students are supported to achieve their potential both in school and beyond the school gates, when they leave us at 18;

  • Believe – every student is provided with personal guidance on their future pathway and career options, and a deep understanding of the opportunities that a school education can afford them
  • Dream – we provide exposure to a range of education, training and employment providers so students can experience first-hand the opportunities available to them in the future, and can see themselves in the future labour market
  • Achieve – we understand that academic grades alone are not enough to ensure success, and we support students to develop the habits and skills that are valued in the workplace and in everyday life

Some of the activities that the Careers Department focuses upon are:

Whole School: Careers Spotlight (newsletter), Industry Insights and Pathways education

Year 9: Options Support

Year 10: Work Experience Programme

Year 11: Personalised IAG and transition support, Post 16 choices

Year 12: Higher Education Research/Employability Development and Work Experience

Year 13: Post 18 choices, Support and IAG with University applications, School leaver Programmes and Apprenticeship support, as well as mock interviews.

In addition to the above, Careers and Pathways activities are also directed by the Most Able Faculty, KS5 Speakers Programme and Oxbridge Project as well as the Franklin Scholars Programme. The work combined constitutes the Faculty of Progression and the Pathways and Enrichment Programme at BDA. The aim is to provide a holistic service aimed at helping students choose quality and appropriate pathways, the development of soft skills, raising aspirations and professional and academic skills and industry insight.

If you have any questions about careers department or would like to gain more support with pathways guidance, please contact Naseem Khanam or send us a tweet


Useful websites:

Job Explorer Database, aka JED. It is a database brimming full with job profiles, progression, salary, entry and training and the qualities needed to go into the field. To use, go to: and type in our access code: adxp63uh

UCAS: for degree courses and entry requirements. You can also use UCAS Progress to research post 16 institutions.

Want to explore ALL your pathways, including apprenticeships and school leaver programmes? Visit All About School Leavers

Want basic information about careers? Visit The National Careers Service

Another really useful website to try out is The Student Room. they cover everything from preparing for GCSE and A level exams, to university interview tips, how to find some of the most competitive apprenticeships to general forums about everything related to learning, student finance and careers.

For the latest labour market information, cick here.