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It is important to us that children eat well and as such our chef takes great care to provide an adventurous, healthy and balanced diet to our children.

Food is locally sourced, organic when possible and all meat used is halal.

The menus incorporate dishes from around the world to introduce children to tastes and flavours that are both familiar and new to them. This develops their culinary curiosity and openness to trying as wide a variety of foods as possible.

Each day we have three options: Meat, Vegetarian and Baked Potato/Sandwich and our menus change termly and operate on a three weekly cycle. This ensures all children's tastes are catered to and they experience a good variety of different options, on a daily basis.

Parents are invited to contribute suggestions for the menu. The chef can be emailed directly at with any suggestions or enquiries.

Lunch choices are made for each half term in advance.