Safe and Calm
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Not be seen with electronic equipment/phones/MP3s/earphones in the academy and ensure such items are switched off at all times. If seen they will be confiscated and returned only to parents
  • Do not bring valuable or expensive items or large sums of money into the academy: the academy does not accept an responsibility for the loss or replacement of any items which ought not be seen in the academy
  • Excessive jewellery is not permitted. One pair of stud, gold or silver, earrings are allowed if smaller than 3 mm in diameter. ‘Rocks’, dangling or hooped earrings are not allowed. Boys cannot wear earrings. Facial/nose/tongue piercings are forbidden. Make up, nail polish, acrylic nails and hair dye are not allowed. Hairstyles must not have designs shaved into them or be shorter than a no.3 cut and no beards or moustaches for boys save for religious reasons
  • Remain silent and listen carefully when the teacher is talking to the class
  • Sit in lessons according to the teacher’s seating plan
  • In lesson time, remember that the bell is the teacher’s signal to end the lesson
  • Never wear hoods or caps on the academy site
  • Never bring dangerous items into the academy, such as knives, lighters, matches or imitation/any other weapons
  • Always walk, keeping to the left, in corridors calmly and with a minimum of noise
Arriving on time
  • Arrive in the academy no later than 0820
  • Be punctual to all your lessons, arrive before the late bell
  • Aim at 100% attendance to the academy
Ready to work
  • Carry your Learning Journal at all times
  • Be properly equipped: a BDA bag, books, DEAR book, pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, calculator, PE kit on the relevant day
  • Stand behind your chair at the start of every lesson until the teacher asks you to be seated
  • Never eat or chew in lessons, drink only water in lessons when permitted
  • Have your Learning Journal open on your desk at the start of every lesson
  • Stop any noise or distraction when the teacher is ready to start the lesson
  • Always listen carefully, always do your best
  • Put your hand up if you wish to contribute to the lesson
  • Go to the toilet in break/lunch time and never during valuable lesson time
Taking Pride in Your Work
  • Look after your workbooks and ensure they are free from graffiti and doodles. Remember they have a wide audience: your teacher, parent(s) , subject leaders, the Operational and Strategic Leadership teams, Governors, Inspectors
  • Underline titles with a ruler, set out your work neatly and date it
  • Record your homework in your Learning Journal
  • Record all that you have learnt in your Learning Journal
  • Meet all your deadlines for work, homework and coursework
  • Know your most recent levels/grades, your target levels/grades and how to reach them
  • Act on teachers’ advice when your work is marked and commented upon
Being Thoughtful of Others
  • Encourage good relationships with one another
  • Line up sensibly before lessons, entering quietly
  • Remember that the classroom is always a place of learning
  • Do not call out in class; raise your hand to make a contribution
  • Never encourage anyone who is stopping the learning of others
  • Report any abusive language, aggression, homophobic, racist or sexist comments
  • Respect and be proud of the environment, keep it litter-free
  • Show good manners and respect to all staff and visitors in the academy, as well as to one another
  • Work together to ensure that everyone connected with the academy is free from prejudice and bullying, including inappropriate and hurtful use of the internet/mobile technologies

“…in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…”

Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7 Verse 12

Attendance Matters
  • Students should aim at 100% attendance.
  • Missing days at the academy are costly: 6 lessons a day is over 5 hours of your learning gone and it is very difficult to get this back.
  • If you are absent from the academy please ask your parent/carer to phone the Attendance Officer on 020 8735 4950 before 0830 on the first day of your absence.
  • When you return to the academy bring a note which explains your absence and hand it to your advisor.
  • If for any reason you miss morning or afternoon registration you must sign in for health and safety reasons to the academy at reception. Two lates in a week means you will have a SLT detention on Friday night. Later than 08:35 on any one day means you have a SLT detention: you will have a sticker placed in your planner.
  • If you are late in the morning without a note from home that has a valid reason more than 5 times you may be sent home until your parent can come into the academy to have a punctuality review meeting.
  • If you are later than the late bell to lessons more than twice you will have an SLT detention on Friday evening.
  • Persistent truancy may result in exclusion.
  • The academy actively discourages holidays being taken during the term. Learning time is too valuable. Any application for authorisation of a holiday in term time for any length of time must be made in writing at least two weeks before departure.
  • Students who have a low attendance rate (i.e. below 84%) will be referred to the Education Welfare Service and their parents may be prosecuted.