Our Parent Working Group aims to strengthen relationships between the Academy and home and help us gain feedback on how the Academy can continue to get even better. By doing so we can realise our Academy vision of 'through learning to our fullest potential, we will be the ones to make the world a better place.'

Our first meeting took place on Wednesday 14th September. Here we discussed issues around the Academy communication with parents including updates on student progress after assessments.

Key Actions from the Meeting (14th September)


  1. In person parents' evenings after formal assessments.
  2. Reports after formal assessments that include:
  3. Guidance for what to do at home to support your child.
  4. Attitude to learning scores.
  5. Explanation of the assessment scores.
  6. In advance communication with revision materials for assessments.
  7. The Academy to update contact details on bromcom, review the telephone system at school and review reception coverage.
  8. Update contact information for key staff members (SLT, middle leaders and teachers at Primary).

Our second meeting took place on Wednesday 5th October. We reviewed the actions from the previous meeting, with good progress being made around communication of achievement. Please watch out for communication around revision materials for assessments next term. However, there is a bigger piece of work around phonelines that I am working with Mariam Malik and Ark to find a solution.

We also discussed communication around behaviour sanctions, and you raised the following concerns:

  1. Sanctions logged on your child’s name incorrectly.
  2. A lack of clarity on the behaviour policy. We went through this in detail.
  3. Receiving text messages but students do not attend.
  4. Students sitting detentions, but you have not received a text.

Our third meeting took place on Wednesday 9th November at 5pm. Here we discussed the changes to the phone line and set up a mechanism to provide feedback on these changes. We will next meet on Wednesday December 7th at 5pm where we will discuss how the parent working group can become involved in the Community Kitchen Event on Wednesday 14th December. Please arrive at the Primary reception by 4.55pm. We will continue to build on the actions around parent communication and begin to discuss homework.

We are looking forward to building a strong relationship with the Academy and home. This group will be a key driver in ensuring that this happens, so we are looking for parents to join the group to provide the feedback needed to support the Academy becoming even better. If you are interested, then please complete the link below.


If you know another parent that would be great for the group, then why not show them this page.

Best wishes,

David Carr

Principal - Ark Burlington Danes