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Ark Burlington Danes Academy must continue delivering high-quality education during periods of remote learning. Our priority is to ensure pupils' have the best learning opportunities even if they are not in school. This will help us to:

  • ensure consistency in our approach to remote learning for pupils who are not in school
  • set out expectations for everyone in our school community

An important policy that we encourage parents to read and understand is our remote learning plan. In the event of a lockdown (partial or full) or pupils need to self-isolate, the school must ensure teaching continues. You can read our plans here.

Last academic year saw Burlington Danes Academy change from a bricks-and-mortar institution, as it has been since 1699, to an online learning hub for our community. We’re really proud of how families and teachers have been working together to make sure our children keep learning.

Indeed, children at BDA completed an astonishing 35,000 online Seneca sessions per week before the holiday. This is the highest completion rate in the Ark network and places us 3rd out of 7874 schools in the country. Well done to our parents, students and staff for making sure we keep learning- we are keen to emulate this success again this term!

Student wellbeing and safety, however, remain our main priority. We are also aware that adapting to the increased responsibility of managing their own time is challenging for young people. As such, I have also included a recommended daily schedule for students in KS3 and KS4 to support them to manage their time effectively.

Teachers, tutors and our pastoral team will also continue to be in touch every week to ensure all students feel supported and motivated at this time.

While working at home, we recommend that students spend 20 hours each week on their studies. This should be divided equally over the course of the week. On the key stage pages are recommended schedules and learning activities for students.

The amount of time it takes students to complete work varies, so if your child finishes quicker than planned or would like to extend themselves, then Seneca and Hegarty have plenty of exercises students can use to study independently.

The priority for all families is to stay well and healthy. Your child's form tutor will be calling once a week to update you on how your child is doing academically and to check on their wellbeing. Please let them know if you need more work for your child or if you're finding that there's too much work being set. We appreciate that in some cases it will be challenging for students to complete all the work being set - our form tutors will be passing your feedback on to our senior leaders and we will adjust the work being set accordingly. Home learning is a new experience for all of us, but by working together we can make sure our children are well-supported during this period.

All students have been directed to bring home the physical resources that they require to complete work. This includes:

  • Exercise Books
  • Folders
  • Exam Papers
  • Revision guides

Students also have access to a range of online resources including:

All of the teachers in the school are uplodading resources onto Show My Homework for students to complete. This includes:

  • Lesson PPTs
  • Booklets
  • Worksheets and activities

Please see the video here for guidance regarding uploading work to Show My Homework.

General guidance for parents on home learning can be found here.

Should you have any issues accessing these resources, please email bda.school@burlingtondanes.org and someone will assist.

KS3 and 4

KS5 and links