Remote learning

If your child/ren are eligible to attend face-to-face education, and you have filled in the form clarifying this, along with evidence, please bring your child/ren to the front entrance on Wednesday 6th at 8:45am. For all other children, we will be supporting them through remote learning that will be offered as per a weekly timetable. This timetable will be sent out every week, usually on a Monday morning (although Wednesday morning this week). The timetable will include all of the links for the remote learning to take place and any further information will be communicated through the primary office

In addition to the remote learning, you will receive 2 calls throughout the week from either a staff member or class teacher. We would love to ensure these calls include a conversation with the children themselves, just to check in and keep as much connection as possible. These calls will take place mainly on a Monday and a Friday. Please note that these calls may be made from phones that will have no-caller ID.