Message from Mr Bhatia about exams, March 2021:


Reopening w.c. 8th March - please see individual year group letters below:

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Message from Mr Bhatia about exams, January 2021:

Presentation from Principal Q&A session, February 2021:


KS3 home learning timetables

Key info

Please see some answers to key questions below:

What is happening about remote learning?

We will be running a full timetable of lessons on Microsoft Teams from Wednesday 6th January. Students will have live lessons, led by specialist teaching staff, to ensure they are staying up to date with their learning. We were incredibly proud of the learning completed by students in the last lockdown and are certain that we will achieve even greater things will a full live timetable this time around. Please visit the dedicated webpage here for more information on these.

How can my child access lessons?

All students should have access to a device enabling them to access live lessons. If this is not the case, please get in touch with your child’s form tutor or head of year so that we can ensure all students are able to access their full school timetable. Lessons will take place via Microsoft Teams. There is a video at the link above which explains exactly how students can access the lessons.

How do I know if my child has been attending?

As a school, we will be keeping registers for all online lessons, and following up via phone calls and emails as normal if there is unauthorised absence. You should please follow the normal reporting procedures if your child is unable to attend due to illness.

How will you be keeping in contact with students?

In addition to a full timetable of live lessons, form tutor and the pastoral team will be making frequent phone calls home to check in on students’ wellbeing and to answer any questions from students and parents. Please note that, as teachers will be phoning from home, these phone calls will show up as “No Caller ID” on mobile phones.

How will you be communicating with parents and carers?

Alongside the weekly phone calls mentioned above, we will be staying in regular contact via letters home. These will be sent electronically via text message. We will be keeping our website updated with all the latest information, and will also regularly update

What is happening for children of key workers?

We are running our Community Classroom provision for the children of key workers and vulnerable students. This begins from Wednesday 6th January, and students will follow their normal timetable via Teams lessons. We will be in further contact with the parents of those students who will be attending.

What is happening about FSM vouchers?

The school will be in contact shortly with families of those students who are eligible for Free School Meals.

What is happening about Year 11 and 13 exams?

There has not yet been confirmation about what will be happening with examinations this year, although we know they will not be going ahead ‘as normal’. The Education Secretary is working with OFQUAL, the exam regulator, to put a firm plan in place. We will update you as soon as an announcement has been made.

What is happening with January BTEC exams?

BTEC exams scheduled for January are running as planned. Students will have the option of a rapid lateral flow test before taking the exam. Teachers of these students will be in contact in advance of the exam to run through the procedure.

Will there be a chance for students to come into school to pick up work?

We are conscious that a lot of students have left exercise books, booklets and other learning materials in school over the holidays. There will be an opportunity for students to come into school to pick up these resources, if they wish to do so. In addition, they will be able to pick up some blank exercise books to enable them to continue working if they finish their current books. The timetable for this is on the next page, and there will be a reminder sent out next week. Students should only arrive at the Wood Lane gate at the allotted time for their tutor group. We will be strictly observing social distancing and other COVID secure measures, and students will be overseen by a member of staff at all times.

Who should I be in touch with if I have questions or concerns?

In most cases, a student’s form tutor or head of year should be the first port of call.

Rota for students to pick up exercise books and other equipment:



Tutor group



Monday 11th January


11 Ephesians


11 Galatians


11 Colossians


11 Corinthians


11 Philippians


11 Romans


11 Titus



Tuesday 12th January


10 Ephesians


10 Galatians


10 Colossians


10 Corinthians


10 Philippians


10 Romans


10 Titus



Wednesday 13th January 


9 Ephesians


9 Galatians


9 Colossians


9 Corinthians


9 Philippians


9 Romans



Thursday 14th January


8 Ephesians


8 Galatians


8 Colossians


8 Corinthians


8 Philippians


8 Romans



Friday 15th January


7 Ephesians


7 Galatians


7 Colossians


7 Corinthians


7 Philippians


7 Romans


Opportunities at Imperial College

Please see below for further details of the Imperial College Opportunities shared in assembly. If you are interested in applying, please follow the link for more info and email Ms Williamson:


Year 9 Girls Engineering Summer School

Year 9 girls are invited to join us to explore the breadth of engineering disciplines available at Imperial. Working in groups and supported by undergraduate mentors, you will tackle a range of engineering challenges, using your knowledge of maths, physics, chemistry and biology. This course is fully funded by Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering (travel not included) so eligibility criteria apply.

Year 10 Insights into Science and Engineering Summer School

Get ready for an action packed four days that lets you explore subjects you already know, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, in new, exciting ways. Take part in hands–on practicals and workshops in real Undergraduate labs with some of Imperial’s finest academics and students as try your hand at a number of different disciplines. This programme is fully–funded so eligibility criteria apply.

Year 11 STEM Challenge

Experience working in small teams to solve current world problems and then presenting ideas to a panel of judges. You’ll also get to experience university life through a series of social activities. This programme is fully–funded so eligibility criteria apply.

Year 11 Medical Summer School

Get a taster of medicine at university and find out what it takes to become a doctor. You will have the chance to learn about different specialisms as well as gain support for applying to medical school through talks, workshops and practical activities. This programme is fully funded, so eligibility criteria apply.