Free School Meals

Please visit the link below to make an online application for free school meals:

For more information and help with Free School Meal Vouchers please follow the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions concerning Free School Meals please email us

Free school meals eligibility 
The Government has temporarily extended eligibility for free school meals to groups with no recourse to public funds. The income threshold for these groups is higher (£16,500 after tax) than the income threshold for standard eligibility. Please click the link above to check if you are eligible, or alternatively contact the school.

Free School Meal Vouchers for Students who cannot attend school due to COVID-19 Reasons

The Government has requested that schools continue support pupils eligible for benefits-related free school meals who have to be at home for reasons relating to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Burlington Danes will be issuing FSM vouchers using “Wonde” to the value of £2.40 per day per child entitled to benefit related FSM when the above criteria is met.

There are some FAQ’s here which will assist you in using the vouchers - please read them carefully.