Under the COVID19 lockdown, the most vulnerable families in our society are the ones who are suffering the most. Many of them rely on free school meals as the only hot meal their child will get in a day. Many more will be on zero hours contracts, left without employment or payment until the lockdown is lifted.

The number of struggling families is only going to get bigger, while the capacity of local foodbanks is stretched to breaking point and cannot come anywhere near meeting the demand, leaving families without anywhere to turn for help. 

We are a group of teachers who can see first hand the desperation of some of our families, who do not have the food or hygiene supplies necessary to get their children through the rest of this week, never mind the difficult times still to come.

We are asking everyone from our community to come together to give whatever they can so that we can create care packages for our families in need. We will use your donations to buy essential items like break, milk, pasta, tinned foods, sanitary towels, soap and toilet paper that we can then distribute to the families most in need. 

You can see to the left and below just what your generous donations can provide: just £5 pays for all the fruit and veg a family need for a week, and £30 enables us to provide a family of four with their full weekly shop, toiletries included.

To give an idea of scale, the image on the left is a weekly shop for eight families, being ably sorted by some student volunteers in our Community Classroom.

Since launching our campaign in March, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community, and have raised nearly £17,000, every penny of which has gone towards supporting the most vulnerable families in our community.

Please give whatever you can so we can help everyone get through this crisis together.