At Ark Burlington Danes Academy, we are hugely proud of our diverse student and staff body. Our vision states:

    Inclusivity and empowerment are at the centre of all that we do, with the aim that not only will our students go on to have all possible chances available to them, but that they themselves will go on to make the world a better place.

    We are acutely aware that curricula across the country have not sufficiently educated students about the realities of world history, and that therefore there is a biased and incorrect narrative shaping areas of our society. As a school, we have begun the process of ensuring our curriculum is fully diversified across all areas, and that our students are empowered to therefore live lives informed by the realities of our world.


    We believe that:

    • A component of history teaching is present in all subject curricula.
    • The study of history within school curricula is a selective choice. A decision is made by leaders on what to include and omit, which shapes the narrative students are taught.
    • The decisions made by government and school leaders can, therefore, institutionalise a narrative that builds a sense of self-esteem in one group, while making another group feel inferior
    • For example, if we choose to avoid educating children about Empire, the Commonwealth and post-WWII migration, children grow up without any understanding of why Britain is a multi-cultural society. In the void left by this, far right thinking can take hold, as can a sense of profound displacement. This is damaging for society as a whole.
    • Our curriculum must offer a balanced study of history that gives students an understanding of how our modern society came to be.
    • It must give children a sense of pride in who they are.
    • It must teach that all human beings are equal.


    Black History Month

    Throughout Black History Month 2020, we focused on Black British Achievement, and especially untold stories of people who had broken barriers or demonstrated our school values.

    Alongside dedicated study and discussion each day during our Non-Examined Curriculum programme, we developed and ran a range of extra-curricular programmes, including a virtual book club and a challenge passport, enabling stuents to complete a range of different acitvities, both research and design based, to celebrate the impact and importance of black lives.

    Please click below to see some of the artwork on display in our virtual gallery: