What is our Community Classroom?

As you know, the Government has said that schools must now close until February half term, but that they will open to support vulnerable students and those of certain critical workers (see full details below). 
The Government guidance emphasises that parents should keep children at home wherever possible and that the fewer children making the journey to school and the fewer children in educational setting, the lower the risk of the virus spreading.  We all need to work together to try and stem the spread of the virus.   

However, there are three categories of children for whom the school will continue to provide care at this time: 

  1. Children who are vulnerable: these children may have an EHC plan, a social worker, or be identified by the school as being vulnerable for other safeguarding reasons. 
  2. Children who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study)
  3. Children whose parents are critical workers and who meet ALL the following conditions:

• The parent must be in a critical role based on government advice - full details of these critical roles are below; and

• The parent must have had confirmation from their employer that their specific role is necessary for the continuation of essential public service; and

• Their child cannot otherwise be cared for safely at home.  

For children who fall into the above two categories, Ark Burlington Danes are committed to opening a small-scale Community Classroom to support your family through this difficult time.  

What happens in the Community Classroom?

Structure of the School Day:

Our Community Classroom will be open from 8:15am until 3:15pm each day. The structure of the school day will be as follows: 
• Student arrival: 08:15-08:30

• Lesson 1-2: 08:30-10:20

• Break: 10:20-10:40

• Tutor time: 10:40-11:00

• Lesson 3-4: 11:00-12:50

• Lunch: 12:50-13:30

• Golden Time: 13:30-14:10

• Lesson 5: 14:10-15:05

• Dismissal: 15:05-15:15 

Students must enter the Community Classroom through the Du Cane Road (Primary) gate and will be greeted by staff at the gate to the secondary playground between 8:15 and 8:30am. Breakfast bars will be available for students. 


Students are expected to arrive in full school uniform. Students should also bring their P.E. kit to school, which they can leave in our Community Classroom during the week and take home on weekends. Please provide a note if there are any issues with this.  


Students will be provided with a simple breakfast, a healthy snack and lunch. 

COVID19 Safety:

Students will be expected to follow strict social distancing rules in order to keep our Community Classroom safe for all students and staff. This will include sitting in their allocated seats, remaining socially distanced from other students and staff at all times, refraining from touching others and washing or sanitizing hands whenever instructed to do so. Students who do not adhere to these rules may be asked to leave the Community Classroom.  Students whose parents have given consent by completing the online form will also be tested at the beginning of every week to ensure that we are keeping everyone as safe as possible.  


Lessons will be held in computer rooms where your child will have access to the live lessons set for them online by their usual subject specialists that other students will be completing at home.  Students will need to bring in their login details and their own headphones to access their learning. All other equipment will be provided.  

Golden Time:

Every afternoon between 13:30 and 14:10, students will have an opportunity to participate in Golden Time activities, such as sports, creative arts, reading and mindfulness colouring. Students’ participation in golden time and social time at break and lunch will be dependent on good behaviour. 


Our Community Classroom will operate under our usual school rules. These are encapsulated in our four values – Aim High, Be Brave, Be Kind and Keep Learning. Students will be rewarded with merits for excellent behavior and can demonstrate these values in the following ways: 

Aim High:

1. Arrive at school on time each day in full school uniform

2. Follow instructions first time and conduct yourself appropriately in our Community Classroom and when travelling to and from school

3. Help keep our Community Classroom safe by following social distancing rules at all times 

Be Brave: 

1. Ask for help if you’re struggling and extension work if you find the tasks to easy

2. Challenge other students who demonstrate unkind or unsafe behavior (including breaking social distancing rules)

3. Help others when they are struggling 

Be Kind:

1. Use only kind words and actions in the Community Classroom

2. Include everyone when taking part in group activities and games

3. Remember that your teachers have volunteered their time to be here, and treat them with gratitude and respect 

Keep Learning:

1. Actively engage in all live lessons with excellent conduct and focus on learning

2. Complete all work set to the best of your ability

3. Attempt all work given by teachers, even when it is difficult 

Students who do not adhere to our Community Classroom rules will lose out on Golden Time and social time at break and with one of our SLT members, where they will catch up on incomplete work or participate in reflective activities to help them make better choices next time. There will be no catch ups held after 3:15pm. 


There will be two senior school leaders on site at all times as well as a member of the Safeguarding team, who will support students and teachers through each day.