Many of you will have heard of Haengeun Chi, the first BDA student to be accepted to Oxbridge. Despite being in the midst of the final year on her Mathematics course at Oxford, she revisited the place where it all started and whilst here, gave a talk on her studies and life at Oxford.

Self-motivation and independence. These are two main skills which Haengeun emphasised during her talk as this is what helps you get into the best universities and achieve the best grades. With the high work demand and short semesters of Oxford, the only way to get the work done is to be self-motivated and find the time to fit in everything by yourself.

Haengeun dissected the course structure year by year and revealed why the teaching at Oxford is so prestigious. One on one tutorials and highly specialised tutors were the secret. Haengeun has completely dived into the Oxford experience and is partaking in various activities such as rowing and gliding. It is unique opportunities like these which make Oxford stand out.              

The flow of ocean and Mathematics are not two things you would link together, but it is for Haengeun. She spoke about her final year

 project which consisted of creating a mathematical model of ocean circulation. Despite finding it hard to follow the maths, everyone found her project very interesting.

A real sense of passion for Maths was felt from Haengeun’s talk and it is the same passion which has made her successful. We wish the best for Haengeun in her future career.

By Mabast Hussein & Raymond Thein 13Ox