Paul Cook, Science Technician at Ark Burlington Danes Academy, has won the SALTERS-CLEAPSS National Science Technician Award.

SALTERS-CLEAPSS Awards are open to Science Technicians catering for students up to age 18, and who have a total of 5 or more years’ experience in schools and colleges.

The aim of the award is to acknowledge publicly the immense contribution that Science Technicians make to the well-being and success of schools and colleges and, in particular, to Science Departments.  It is intended that the award will heighten the awareness of the importance of Science Technicians to education in this country. 

A judging team of members from both Salter’s Institute and CLEAPSS made a visit to ARK Burlington Danes Academy and interviewed science teachers and Paul Cook (Science Technician), and took a very thorough tour of the technician’s prep rooms.

Paul Cook was awarded the winner of the National Science Technician Award 2015 due to his on-going work with Science Teachers and other Technicians around the country.  Paul helps to train other teachers and technicians in delivering practical demonstrations that engage students in science.

Over the last two years Paul has led the ARK network Technicians training days has made on-site visits to assist technicians across the school network, including presenting at ARK Putney’s open evening.

Paul is currently working with the Institute of Physics and The National Science Learning Centre in York by leading practical workshops for technicians and he has presented at the ASE National Technician Conference.

Paul Cook said: “I am very proud to have won this award and pleased that Science Technicians get recognition for the important work that they do.  It is a huge privilege to get such a highly contested award.  I would like to thank Ark BDA and my colleagues in Science for enabling me to work with other teachers and technicians across country.”

 This is the fourth National science award Paul has won this year.  He has also been presented with a Rolls Royce Special Merit award, a Wellcome Trust Enthuse award and was named National Expert STEM Technician.

Michael Ribton, Principal of Ark Burlington Danes Academy, said “Science teaching is a real strength of the Academy and Paul’s contributions help to inspire our young people through engaging practical demonstrations.  I would like to congratulate Paul on achieving this award and I am proud that he is able to share his expertise with other Science Technicians and departments.”

Paul Cooks work with others will continue and he is currently leading a successful extra-curricular Science Club for students at Ark Burlington Danes Academy and he is running outreach science presentations and demonstrations at local primary schools.

For more information about the SALTERS-CLEAPSS National Science Technician Award, please see their website: