This year’s finale to Black History Month: ‘The Cultural Gala’ was a roaring success and was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and students on the last evening of term.

The 6th form and Year 11 hosts confidently lead the way in, introducing a range of inspirational dancers, speakers, singers and dramatic productions.

Some of the real highlights were when the Ark Burlington Danes Primary Academy took to the stage with a fabulous rendition of Nat King Cole’s ‘L.O.V.E’ and Daniela Santacruz received a standing ovation with her solo performance.

The audience was captivated by some gritty and engaging Year 10 drama performances (a special thanks to the Performing Arts team and music department for their support too).

The amazing array of colour and passion during the fashion show at the end really captivated the essence of the evening – a celebration of multiculturalism, identity and respect. Something all at BDA are particularly proud to be a part of.

The after-show party continued into the school canteen with a wonderful selection of foods from around the world.

The BDA community surpassed itself this year with food from every corner of the globe.  One parent was keen to get her hands on Ms Bell’s Jamaican Black Cake recipe by the end of the evening!  

It was certainly one to remember.  All students, staff and parents who contributed made the event a very special one indeed.


The Academy would like to extend our gratitude to the following candidates for their participation and assistance in ensuring that the Cultural Gala was yet again, a glorious success:

  • Felicity Moronkeji, Ashriah, Indiana, Kazimah
  • Hajar, Demi, Diana, Jessie, Josh, Amira
  • BDA Primary Academy
  • Inspire Dance Company
  • Jazz Band
  • Choir
  • Daniela Santacruz
  • Y8 Dance Group
  • Steel pans band
  • Mr Whitlock
  • Desiree
  • A-Level Dance group
  • Orchestra
  • Josh Barredo
  • Year 7 Rugby Team
  • Fashion Show participants
  • Ms Kerr-Wilson

The committee would like to thank the following:

  • The Performing Arts department for their hard work.
  • Birgitta Bicknell for printing the programme at short notice!
  • The student leaders for their help with ticket sales.
  • The site staff for working around us.
  • All the students, parents and staff who participated and contributed to make the night possible.