House Day took place on Tuesday and it was exciting to see all the activities that happened around the academy.

Between periods 4 – 7, students in Key Stages 3 and 4 came together in true BDA community spirit to represent their Houses.

The day was an excellent representation of team work and saw students at their most creative. There were several tributes to Black History Month, such as stencil creations of inspirational figures and various paintings of flags.

It was also a pleasure to witness staff getting stuck in with their students, with Mr Crawford drawing in on his inner Picasso, and Mr Carr-Jones being the model maestro with his enthusiastic choir group.

Other highlights that took place around the academy involved; Tudor house making, chocolate brownie baking, and a steels pan ensemble!

A big well done goes to all students and staff that were only to keen to represent their Houses. We look forward to some more displays of team work in the near future!