BDA's Cross-Curricular Project

For this year’s Cross Curricular Project we dedicated two days to researching and celebrating the wonderful range of countries that have taken part in the 2014 World Cup.

Following an inspiring opening ceremony on Wednesday, students split into groups and dived into the diverse cultures and histories of their allocated nations. As well as soaking up as much information as possible, each team was tasked with creating a display to go on show in the Sports Hall for judgement at the end of the process.

Students embraced this fantastic opportunity to learn about so many fascinating parts of the world and produced some outstanding pieces of work as a result. These included: a massive model of the Eiffel Tower, plenty of examples of national dress, a few Rossini remixes from the Italy group and even a Brazilian favela that popped up outside the principal’s office.

Mr Prout and his Japan group must get a special mention for their impressive judo exhibition.

While all this was going on, students were also taking part in the BDA World Cup, with groups coming together in house teams to compete for the title.

With the whole school watching – and Mr Clarke’s expert drummers creating an authentic Brazilian atmosphere – Galatians took on Philippians in an epic final. Thanks to Patrick’s incredible goal keeping display and a hat-trick from in-form striker Fin, the Galatians managed a 5-2 victory.

Thanks to all students for committing to a very successful couple of days with such commendable enthusiasm – you made this Cross Curricular Project a joy for us all.

(See last week's newsletter for more photos)