Mr Fairbairn Speaks at Israel Conference

Vice Principal Mr Fairbairn and Dame Sally spent the first half of this week in Israel, attending the STEM Forward Intel International Education Conference 2014.

The event’s focus was on promoting excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), bringing together professionals and experts from across Europe and Africa to share their ideas.

Mr Fairbairn adressed the confertence on Tuesday afternoon, speaking about Burlington Danes Academy’s effective methods of teaching science and maths.

“Between you and me, I was very nervous,” he said.

Dame Sally tweeted at the time: “Very proud of my VP!”

Other speakers included a Nobel Prize winner, the mayor of Jerusalem, Israel’s minister of education and the senior vice president of Intel Israel.

During their free time, Mr Fairbairn and Dame Sally toured the sights of the historic city, sparing a moment pop the Burlington Danes Academy Prayer into the famous ‘Wailing Wall’.