BDA's Got Talent

A diverse troupe of acts from across the year groups took to the Dennis Potter stage on Wednesday for the latest instalment of BDA’s Got Talent.

As ever, the programme offered an eclectic bunch of performances, including a magician, a range of dancers, plenty of singers, and a rap and beatboxing group.

Congratulations to Joshua Barredo (Ephesians), a veteran of BDA talent contests, who’s moving acoustic and vocal performance did enough to secure first place.

Daniela Santacruz and Ibtissam Dahdouh (Romans and Philippians) came in second while Ibtissam Dahdouh (Romans), who’s magic tricks were a highlight of the show, was awarded third.

The event, professionally hosted by Dyon Wildman, was judged by Ms Aitken, Mr Fairbairn, the notoriously harsh Mr Prout, and a representative from Let Me Play – who very kindly gave up his time to help out. Thanks to everyone for coming, we look forward to next year.