World of Work Speaker Series

BDA students from all year groups came together in the Burlington Atrium on Thursday for a talk with representatives from the BBC about careers and opportunities.

As part of our World of Work Speaker Series, Kully Kaur-Bains, a channel manager at the BBC, and Hugh Levinson, editor of BBC Radio current affairs, spoke to students about how they ended up in their current roles.

Ms Kaur-Bains detailed her journey from studying economics at university – working during her summer holidays, taking on roles as a runner on Eastenders and in reprographics at the BBC – to moving on to channel managing. She emphasised the importance of doing something that you enjoy, explaining that television has always been a passion of hers.

Mr Levinson’s story was a little different. Following a gap year spent in America, which he says changed his life, he studied English literature at university and secured a position on a trainee scheme with the BBC.

Starting out as a general reporter he soon moved into current affairs, which has enabled him to travel the world in search of fascinating stories. He also emphasised the importance of putting time and effort into doing something that you love.