The Circle of Truth

For year 11s departing Burlington Danes Academy to revise for their GCSE exams, before enjoying an extended summer holiday, a time-honoured tradition is always observed: the Circle of Truth.

Having reached the end of their timetabled tenure at school, students gathered in the Main Hall on Tuesday to talk about their time together at BDA.

After an introductory speech by Dame Sally, who spoke about the importance of making the most of this last push through the exams season, a number of teachers stepped into the circle. 

An emotional Mr Stephenson was followed by Mr Fairbairn, Ms Aitken, Ms Bridger, Mr Fenn and many others, all keen to share their fond memories of the cohort. Ms Yates delivered a particularly hilarious and moving poem about her tutor group.

A series of student volunteers then took turns to speak to their peers, thanking friends for the wonderful memories, teachers for all their care and support, and wishing one another luck for the future.

It was great to see a year group, who are clearly so close, enjoying the occasion together. Well done and best of luck with your exams – with hard work you won’t need it!