Y10 in the Brecon Beacons

Reece Healy-Elliman: On Wednesday 14th of May, 51 year 10 students did the unthinkable, the unimaginable, we all spent three days without technology in the Welsh countryside. No I-pads, no I-pods, no Wi-Fi, nothing. Yet we did much in those three days, and enjoyed it immensely, or at least as soon as we settled in to the new environment.

The coach journey there took 4 hours, and when we got there it was straight to our Cabins to unpack, and in 20 minutes we were doing our first activities. One activity was canoeing, and boy did one get wet on their odysseys – instructors and children alike. And if that wasn’t enough sea-voyaging, some of us also did some raft-building, battling the lake’s mighty elements and getting overturned by other trams along the way (one of the major saboteurs of our boats was none other than the infamous Mr Galvan, no one was safe from his attack – no-one).

Other activities involved sitting around a camp-fire – a plan that literally went up in flames – zip-wiring and walking blind-folded through a forest! I think it’s safe to say, even with a little accident with a window, everyone had a jolly good time!