Dame Sally Attends Celebration at Downing Street

Dame Sally joined Prime Minister David Cameron and Education Secretary Michael Gove at an event in Downing Street on Monday, celebrating excellence in state education.

Also in attendance at Number 10 were fellow ARK principal Damian McBeath, of ARK Bentworth and ARK Conway, and ARK Chief Executive Lucy Heller.

All were invited in recognition of the outstanding success of the schools and organisations that they are associated with.

Dame Sally said: “I am delighted to have been invited to Downing Street to celebrate what has so far been an excellent year for everyone involved with Burlington Danes Academy.

“I reiterated to our staff this morning, the positive attention that we receive is all thanks to their hard work and commitment. They do so much to ensure that our students have every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“I was particularly proud to hear Mr Cameron refer specifically to Burlington Danes in such a positive light during his speech. It’s great that he is so clearly impressed with our achievements. He commented on our outstanding results and the fact that we are at the forefront of state schools.”

Mr McBeath said: “It was an absolute honour to be invited to such an event. I’m delighted that the prime minister has recognised all the hard work and dedication of the pupils, staff and communities of ARK Bentworth and ARK Conway primary schools.

“With Dame Sally representing Burlington Danes at the event, this shows the strength and quality of schools in this area.”