When in Rome

During February half-term, 14 students from Year 13 visited Rome in Italy with Mr Whitlock, Ms Ledwidge and Ms Weldon.

The highlights of this theologically inspiring trip were found in the Colosseum where the Gladiator movie was filmed, and the likes of the Sistine Chapel where the famous Michelangelo painting of God and Adam is found. 

The immense religious history behind the Vatican City with St Peter’s Basilica struck the students with awe as they learnt that this is where St Peter was crucified upside down and possibly buried. On one occasion, there was a rare opportunity to see the Pope processing during Ash Wednesday up close outside a Franciscan church. 

The breath-taking Pantheon, one of the oldest buildings in Rome, sent the students’ star-gazing through the oculus in the ceiling.  The staple diet throughout the week was  found in classic Italian pizza, pasta and gelato!  It was a cultural experience that will never be forgotten and a journey into religion, history, art and culture. 

Search "Adam Whitlock When in Rome" in YouTube to watch a short video from the trip.