We Will, We Will Rock You!

All this week the cast of ‘We Will Rock You!’ have been entertaining audiences in the Dennis Potter theatre to rapturous applause.

Based around the famous songs of 80’s pop and rock band ‘Queen’, this year’s musical sent us light-years into the future, to a cyber-world where all live music is banned and the owning of instruments is illegal. It was up to Scaramouche, Galileo and their gang of rebels to ‘break free’, rock out and defeat the evil Killer Queen in true musical theatre style.

It has been a real pleasure to watch this cast work, and they have been incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic. They have put in around six hours rehearsal on top of the normal school week which is truly commendable. They will agree that it has been a lot of fun preparing for this show and the culmination of all their efforts in the final show was testimony to their hard work and talent.

Governor Ken Bromfield Tweeted “The big BDA promise ‘We Will Rock You!’….mission accomplished!”

We are particularly proud of Tamara Kovacevic, a resilient and talented Year 8 student who stepped into the role of Scaramouche just a day before the first performance and who worked tirelessly to prepare for the four performances.

Well done and thank you to all involved; cast, crew, and for those that came to support. Auditions for next year’s musical will be in the summer term so watch this space…