Next Thursday the UK will decide who will be the next prime minister of Britain. Up and down the country people will visit polling stations and on their ballot paper mark an ‘X’ next to the candidate they would like to represent them in the House of Commons. We will be running our very own election in school so you too will have the opportunity to visit a polling station and vote! Read the summary of each party’s main policies before casting your vote.

Key terms

Polling station – the place you go to vote.

Ballot paper – a slip of paper you record your vote on.


“The future of Britain is safe in our hands.”

Leader: David Cameron

The Conservatives believe that there should be a cap on how many people can enter the border and want to keep it in the tens of thousands. We also believe that immigrants should wait four years before claiming benefits. This would help give immigrants a better incentive to find a job and help Britain’s economy.

Finally we would like to stop immigrants coming into our country and claiming child benefits for their children who are living in other countries. We think that this is unfair as we should be using our tax money for better things such as the NHS.

When it comes to education the Conservatives really try to make sure every child has the right to an excellent school to learn in. That is why we will put new leaders in schools that are not rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted.

A good education equals great A Levels which is really important for getting a good job. We all deserve the best and this will help one million students around England who, right now, don’t have access to a good education.

If we stay in power we will build 500 extra schools. We hope that all of these schools will get an Ofsted rating of outstanding just like this school has. Your education matters to us; it is safe in the hands of the Conservatives.

Have you ever been ill at the weekend and not been able to get a doctor’s appointment? The conservatives will change this. You will have access to a GP  every day of the week.

We will also invest £8billion more in the NHS. Labour and UKIP are only planning to invest £3 billion in the NHS. They don’t believe in the NHS and your wellbeing. Everybody deserves good health care and your health is safe in the hands of the Conservatives.


“putting working people first.”

Leader: Ed Miliband

Labour believes in doing nothing but the best for working class families across this fine country. Our main educational pledge is to reduce university tuition fees. This will ensure that working class people can afford to go to university and won’t be riddled with debt for years after they leave university. The Conservatives increased university tuition fees from £3000 to £9000 and now two-thirds of students can’t afford to pay off their debts. We’re sure many of you dream of going to university. Only Labour can be trusted to get you there.

On the NHS we aim to increase funding by £2.5billion. This will pay for 20,000 more nurses, 3,000 more midwives and 8,000 more GPs. Not only will this make the NHS better it will also give many people valuable jobs.

Did you know that ¼ of NHS doctors are foreign born. Labour know how important immigration is to our great nation but we need to make sure the immigration policy is fair for everyone in the UK. We propose to prevent immigrants receiving benefits for two years. There does need to be a cap on immigration but not to the extent that the Conservatives and UKIP propose.

 Liberal democrats

 “putting people first.”

Leader: Nick Clegg

As of 2015 the government debt amounted to 82% of our total GDP. We the Liberal Democrats will reduce this debt. Don’t you want to vote for a party who cares about all people and not just the wealthy middle-class like the Conservatives?

We are going to invest in schools in poorer areas and raise pupil premium so all children, regardless of how poor they are, can have a good start in life.

On the NHS we plan to increase the spending on mental health by £3.5 billion. This is crucial since 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health issue in their life time. The other parties don’t take this matter seriously and they don’t put people first in their politics.

Finally, we intend to end indefinite detention for illegal immigrants because the UK has a long history of welcoming immigrants. We cannot just lock them up when they are escaping terrible wars and disasters around the world. It is against human rights.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for putting people first.


“Love Britain? Vote UKIP (at least we’re not the BNP)”

Leader: Nigel Farage

UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party and not the UK immigration police, is not an institutional source of racial prejudice. Our policies are designed to benefit all British citizens which for  generations have included many different ethnic groups.

We believe in strengthening the UK so that it may once again dominate the global market to a rate equal with China. To do this we propose bold new policies. Britain will once again feel economic might like that seen in the nineteenth century.

UKIP believes that the existing policy on immigration is inefficient, ineffective and weak. We propose to introduce an Australian based selection system whereby we only take skilled workers in areas we need. This will cap migration at 50,000 people.

We need to improve the prospects of British school children and compete internationally. To do this we need to incentivise students to take maths and science. We pledge to scrap tuition fees in these fields.