Troop 209: First Weekend Away

This was a much loved excursion that saw our troops interacting and working with other cadets from around the country. A typical day consisted of 5:30am wake-up calls followed by breakfast, full inspections -  which involved rigid check-ups of the cadets’ billets, and  uniform inspections. The inspections were shortly followed by a military drill.

The cadets were also taught how to prepare their bed spaces in the their billets, how to polish their boots, personal administration, turnouts, and how to iron and wear their uniform.

De Andre Dawkins of 209 spoke to us in detail about what tasks his troop executed and how much every participant enjoyed the experience.

He said: “ I really enjoyed the trip. It taught us so much about how to be responsible, how to get into line and march, how to clean our rooms and all sorts. You really leave the place feeling like you’ve learned life lessons. I’ve also walked away learning that in order to gain respect, you have to give it and I will remember this in my daily life from now on.”

When asked what the highlight of the trip was, he responded: “Everything! I can’t think of one specific thing that stood out because I enjoyed every single thing. Even the time I went to sleep really late (midnight) and had to be up at 5:20am was enjoyable because we just looked forward to the next mission and making friends with the other troops.”

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