You know what’s better than a go-karting trip? A free go-karting trip! In all my history of rewards trips, this one trumped them all and proved to be great fun or all of us who went, despite all the red and black flags we got.

The physics part of it was very educational(!) and proved to a lot of people that F=ma (Newton’s Law of Motion), as “F” was the resultant force of the electric motor and “m” was the mass of the entire thing.

This was demonstrated by Suhayb’s need to speed past people, whilst leaving Tariq in a trail of dust… 

The first race was more like bumper cars than Karting, but by race 4 we had mastered the course and were managing to complete sub 30 second laps!

Thank you to Mr Lawrence for organising such a fun trip to mark the end of A-Level exams!

By Kenan Salkic and Y12 Physics students