Former BDA Student Addresses the Oxbridge Project

Dr O’Hear: On Tuesday April 8th Haengeun Chi, Oxford Univeformer outstanding BDA student and now a maths undergraduate at rsity, came to address the Oxbridge Project. She gave the students a riveting talk on her own journey to Oxford and what that entailed before setting them some maths problems for the group to get their teeth into!

She also talked about the extracurricular and social dimension to Oxford. Haengeun even challenged the students with some of the questions she herself was asked at her Oxford Interview (and credit is due to Ezra Gill and Yassen Seddik who actually managed to work it out!), and told the group about the astonishing feat that is managing to have a balance between working and socialising at Oxford.

Her passion for maths was evident as she described her excitement at seeing pre-eminent mathematicians strolling around her college every day; it is clear that Haenguen has landed in the perfect institution!

The students had lots of questions for Haengeun, including one on which teachers had inspired her to pursue her dream of attaining a place at one of the world's top universities. Haengeun spoke movingly about how Mr Fairburn, Mr Gidaropoulos and Ms Okezie had all motivated her in different ways.

We're very grateful to Haengeun for taking the time to come in and hope that some of the members of the Oxbridge a Project will soon be following in her illustrious footsteps.