Speak Out Challenge

Ms Forsyth: On Thursday, 25 Year 10 students took part in Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge. This is a programme run by Speakers Trust and funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation to improve students’ skills, confidence and their desire to speak in public.

During the day, students were given an opportunity to speak on a range of topics and the trainer commended the students, saying “this was an excellent group of intelligent, lively and articulate young people and they were very focussed”.

Feedback from the students themselves was also positive, Klaudia said “it was a great confidence boosting experience” and Eman described it as “an excellent opportunity to learn new skills”. I particularly enjoyed a persuasive speech from Sumet about homework being bad for your health because you should be outside in the fresh air, taking exercise – nice try!

All students should be congratulated for their hard work and focus, the winners for the best speeches were Hajar Benmehdia, Reece Healy Elliman and Ezra Gill.