Spicy Competition at House Cook-Off

Tuesday afternoon saw some friendly competition at the BDA House Cook-Off. Both students and members of staff were keen to show off their culinary skills and claim the winning title for their respective houses. Each team was given the opportunity to create two dishes (main or dessert), with the winning dish being announced after a sampling by Mr Ribton.

Competition was fierce as each team pulled out all the stops to secure the top spot. There was an array of mouth-watering cuisines from all over the world, with the Corinthian’s Thai green curry dish, the Philippian’s Italian chicken wrapped in Parma ham and chorizo, and the Ephesians serving up a taste of Mexico with some wholesome chilli nachos.

It was exciting to see the expertly prepared dishes laid out with such finesse and grace. Presentation skills were certainly at an impressive level, as noted by Mr Ribton.

After much deliberation – helped by a few extra mouthfuls – Mr Ribton announced a tie for first place between the Corinthians, with their Thai Green curry and banoffee pie, and the Philippians, with their cod and chorizo and Parma ham wrapped chicken with chorizo. The prize for the overall winning dish of the event went to Ms Astley and her team of Romans for their coconut macaroons.