In the Spotlight: The Oxbridge Project

In the spotlight this week are members of the academy's Oxbridge project, who come together on a weekly basis for a series of specialist seminars, lectures and other events. The main objective of the project is to stretch and challenge our most able students, stengthening their ability to critically analyse texts and discuss current affairs. We also aim to deepen their cultural understanding of a range of topics, taking their learning above and beyond their key stage curriculum content. 

Ryan Tasker of 9U had this to say about the project this week:

This Oxbridge project had an amazing quiz in which one question, ‘How old was Oscar Pistorius when his legs were amputated?’ started up a heated debate over whether or not it was beneficial to be given this treatment so young, or if he should have received it later in his life. This then brought us to the later topic which was the overall topic of the Scottish Independence referendum. This created many debates over some topics such as: ‘English votes for English laws could be problematic’. Regarding this, Felix Butcher (8B) said, “I do not think there is any problem with this, English people should be able to control their laws” while Loujaine (10B) showed an insight into how the votes may not be fair due to disproportionate Labour party voting. 

Another question posed was, ‘Is this an exiting time for English politics or a worrying time?’ Where Ria Patel in 10B said, “Other countries may get involved in this and therefore there could be a referendum anyway”. While Daniel Blackburn (8B) said, “ I think it is worrying as he [David Cameron] has made a lot of promises to grant more powers but is yet to give them.” All debates were insightful and interesting. This was an amazing afternoon.