Seven resilient students took on a huge challenge of the Thames 100 Row organised by Fulham Reach Boat Club.

The Thames 100 is a one hundred mile stretch of water that runs from Oxford to Fulham Reach Boat Club. BDA were one of four schools to take part in the Event. The group of students were selected to row the final leg of the race due to their outstanding development shown during their rowing module. 

On Thursday April 13th, they set off  and rowed 25 miles from Runnymede to Fulham Reach Boat Club taking over 10 hours, with a stop off for lunch at the historical Molesey Boat Club.

We caught up with two of our rowers; Jon White and Emmanuel Olugbebi, who had the following to say about the relay:

Jon: I love rowing. We’ve been doing it for 10 weeks and Sir (Mr French) asked us if we wanted to take part in this. We agreed, thinking it was going to be the usual 12.5 miles but got a shock when it turned out to be 25 miles!

Upon asking the boys how the experience felt, they said:

Jon: Knackered! It was ok when we reached the half way point, but the second leg was so much harder because we were exhausted, and the sun was very bright that day.

Emmanuel: Yes, it got so tiring during the second leg. I ended up singing “99 green bottles” twice to try and overcome the exhaustion!

What were your highlights?

Emmanuel: Lunch! We burnt so much energy, I couldn’t stop eating. After the race, I sat down for a while and had a pizza. Then my father took me out for some KFC.

Jon: Finishing the race! As soon as I got home, I dropped into my bed and didn’t move. The race took about 10 hours – that’s longer than a regular school day!

Would you do it again, and what would you change?

Jon: Probably, even despite all the blisters. More training would be needed though.

Emmanuel: Yes, I’d do it again, and I’d like there to be more regular breaks and snacks, and also more practice.

It was an amazing achievement for all the students and we were very impressed with their display of maturity and resilience as they conquered this epic challenge.

In total, the Thames 100 row raised a whopping £3,150.00! Well done boys!