Hammersmith and Fulham borough elected a new Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament last week, and it is with great pleasure that we announce that Adam Elbounabi of Year 12 was voted the new Member of Youth Parliament.

As it is so important for our youths of today to be heard, this is an outstanding achievement and responsibility to receive at such a crucial age.

Adam, now 17 years of age, has been campaigning rigidly over the last month to earn the votes required for this prestigious position. Upon learning that he had won this role, he said: “I wanted to get involved with the politics and decision making for young people. It’s a brilliant opportunity to make our voices heard and a real honour to represent the borough.”

We would like you to join us in congratulating Adam, along with his peers, who campaigned tirelessly to win votes.

The role of Mayor and member of Youth Parliament are vital in ensuring that our children of today are given a voice to represent them on matters of an important nature. Since the Scottish referendum results in 2016, 16 to 17 year olds were finally given the right to vote in all Scottish elections. However, not all 16 and 17 year olds across the UK are afforded the same opportunity to have any influence over decisions  that affect their lives from day to day. It is for this reason that the UK Youth Parliament continue to campaign as a way to represent their generation,

The UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their elected voice to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning. Key campaign objectives include highlighting the fact that most young people of that age are not allowed to vote, but are able to by law;

•Give full consent to medical treatment;

•Pay income tax and National Insurance

•Obtain tax credits and welfare benefits in their own right

•Consent to sexual relationships

•Get married or enter a civil partnership, with parental consent;

•Change their name by deed poll;

•Become a director of a company;

•Serve in the armed forces but not deployed on the front line.

We continue to support the likes of Adam and his peers in their pursuits to represent the youths of today.

Images from: Hammersmith & Fulham