Better together

Mr Ribton: A very happy new (school) year to you. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I have been leading assemblies this week with Mr Wilson and although the theme of the week was ‘change’ there are some things, I guess, that  never change. There are some rules that must never be broken; I am not going to repeat them all here but you can find them in the Student Planners. I hope that you will all challenge yourselves this year to do bigger and greater things.

Also, our expectations of you remain as high as ever, especially given the stunning GCSE, AS and A-level results the academy achieved this summer. Work hard this year and take pride in what you do. I am really excited about what we will achieve in summer 2015.

Finally, I have talked to all years of the importance of community. We are an amazing  school that looks out for one another, takes care of each other and reports things that do not seem right: bullying, inappropriate behaviour on-line, hurtful comments, poor behaviour. Being in a community is about being bound by respect and being aware of others’ needs is a vital life skill. Simply put, we are better together.

Let’s make 2014-5 the best year yet, together.