In last week’s edition of our newsletter, we mentioned that we had some exciting news to share with you all regarding a cooking competition 2 of our students participated in.

In a fantastic bid to bring home the trophy, we had Beth Woodgate and Aimey Gerald-Jovnarouk of Year 10 represent the academy superbly at the Young Chef of the Year competition based in Hammersmith. Both participants came out on top, with Beth claiming the top prize, and Aimey also taking the runner-up position.

Our girls performed brilliantly and wowed the judges with their unique and complex dishes.

With the candidates being given the option to prepare 2 dishes consisting of either a starter, main, or dessert. Beth opted to make a starter and a main dish.

Her winning combination consisted of a sea food broth starter, and a main of duck with pomme potatoes and turned vegetables. Her choice to make a starter was considered to be a very brave move, as noted by one of the judges.

Aimey chose to create a main dish of pomme potatoes with Sea Bass, followed by a dessert classic of Tiramisu.

When asked how they felt about their performances, Beth replied that is was both “nerve wracking and exciting!”

Not only did the girls manage to keep their nerves in check, they also remained professional, and worked as a strong team throughout, with Beth often offering her assistance to Aimey when it was needed.

Needless-to-say, their efforts did not go unnoticed by the judges, who hailed from top establishments such as Wagamama’s Jamie’s Kitchen, and the Dorsett Hotel.

In attendance and also competing were 3 other schools, bringing the total of students competing to 8. This was a very tense competition that involved the judges walking around and monitoring each contestant as they prepared their meals.

Each contender was given and hour to prepare their desired dish, and we had a few scares along the way, with Aimey giving us a fright when her first Sea Bass caught fire on the hob! Fortunately she managed to salvage the situation as she quickly rustled up another dish – one that eventually earned her the position of runner up.

Taste, imagination and presentation were some factors that the candidates were judged on, and going by pictures taken of the event, we can see why the girls walked away with the top prizes.

The girls spoke of their love and commitment in the culinary field, and we could not have picked more passionate candidates to represent the academy at this prestigious event.

It is with great pride that we congratulate both girls in their achievements. Prizes included £150 worth of Westfield’s vouchers for the winner, and £50 worth of vouchers for the runner up.

A special thank you goes to our chef Ms Alexander for helping the girls compile winning menus, and to Ms Ford their Food Technology teacher for accompanying them to the event and supporting them every step of the way.