Year 8 went on their first residential abroad to the Opal Coast in France – and they had a blast!

On the first day students learnt how to bake traditional French bread and croissants, with Eleonore and Francine of 8U practising their French with the locals. They were very impressive. The group then spent the evening tasting traditional French cuisine and participating in an exciting game of beach rounders!

The next day brought more fun and excitement with a trip to the local seaside town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, where students played on the beach, learnt how to make sweet at a traditional sweet factory and learnt how chocolate was made. Then back to the hotel where Shazia of 8R and Arreyan of 8L taught Ms Reiss a new card game. 

The last day saw the students visiting a local war cemetery and reflecting on the 100 year anniversary of the battle of the Somme. Students walked around the cemetery and thought about the sacrifices made so our lives are better. Both Chae in 8R and Harry in 8L spent lots of time talking to Mr Ross and Ms Reiss about the war. It was a very moving moment for us all.

The students showed exemplar behaviour and responsibility, helping the teachers by carrying equipment and being courteous to their peers, as well as the teachers.

All students had a wonderful time, with some students even trying to bribe Ms Bridger to let them stay longer!