Top end achievement soars for record-breaking sixth form

Sixth form students at Burlington Danes Academy have achieved perfection, breaking the school's previous A level results record with 100% of grades awarded at A*-E this year. 

A massive 84% of exams were graded between A* and C, while an impressive 58% managed A*-B – well above current national averages. 

Every student who applied for university has secured a place, with 30% of applications accepted by top institutions, including Cambridge, Manchester, Southampton and the London School of Economics.

“This is another fantastic set of results for the school. Hard work has paid off for these students and many are going off to the country’s best universities,” said Mr Ribton, our new principal at Burlington Danes. “I am really excited to see what they achieve and wish them every success in the future.”

Adekunle Awodele, who sat his exams aged just 17, is set to study architecture at Trinity College, Cambridge, having managed an A* in art and design, a B in maths and a B in RE. 

Straight-A student Zwan Mahmod, who will study international relations and history at LSE, said: “At every point here at BDA they would say to us ‘Are you willing to put the work in?’ if you said yes, they would say ‘Okay, then you’re going to a good university.’”

“My plan is to become a writer, a journalist, writing articles and writing on my own, freelance,” he continued.

Gianina Graham, another straight-A student, is heading for Warwick to study history.  “It’s a huge deal to go to university. It is achievable and I'm really happy about it. My ambition is to be a journalist or news broadcaster,” she said.

A* philosophy wiz Jemma Smith, who also achieved As in history and English, will study English literature at Exeter after the well-deserved summer break.

“When I got to A levels that’s when I realised that I had a shot at going to University. So I worked really hard and my family are really pleased with me,” she said.

Director of Sixth Form Ms Megaw explained:  “Our results show outstanding A level and vocational achievement with a huge increase in top end A*-B and A*-C achievement. 

“These outstanding results enable our students to access fantastic opportunities in higher education at top end universities, and I am very proud of our student’s achievements.”