Year 8 and 9 Attend United Nations Day

On Friday 9th November, 8 Year 9 students represented BDA at a United Nations day at SOAS, along with 2 other London schools. They listened to lectures by teaching fellows and learnt about UN law, inspiring a lecturer to tell Christian that he should consider studying politics in the future! Additionally, students studied Swahili and leant how to form sentences from common verbs. Ashleen was particularly impressive, learning 'nitafanya amani', which means 'I will make peace'. After a networking lunch, students put their newly acquired knowledge of law into practice, representing countries on the security council, discussing how to tackle Maritime Crime off the coast of Somalia. Yaseen and Zosar chaired the security council, leading students from BDA and other schools in a lively and intellectual discussion. Tuana and Chloe used their knowledge of articles 39, 41 and 42 of chapter 6 and 7 of the UN charter, to suggest an alternative to 'all means necessary' and therefore enabling a peaceful conclusion. In the words of Christian, "It was a great trip and a fantastic experience".