Year 8 Aimhigher Trip

Last week, Year 8 students took part in an Aimhigher workshop at St Mary's University, Twickenham. 

Throughout the day they were able to engage in a range of activities relating to unviersity and higher education, and the students left with a much better idea of what they were aiming for in their futures. Ilyas commented to Mr Scaife that thanks to the trip he now felt that he would be able to move away from home to live in halls! 

During the trip, our students showed off the BDA values in a variety of ways. Fayruz embodied "Be Kind", having received a special mention from the organisers for reaching out to a student from another school who didn't know anyone and Abdullahi won prizes for his enthusiasm by answering most of the questions throughout the day - "Keep Learning" in action!

Thank you to Mr Scaife and Ms McFann for taking the trip, and Ms Ingr for organising. We're looking forward to many more opportunities and especially to seeing where there Year 8 students eventually end up.