Year 7 Mental Health Focus

Thursday 08 October 2020

"I want people to know that mental health is just as important as physical health..."

As 7Philippians' Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Namra wanted to ensure that all Year 7 students have a chance to share their worries. See her guest post below...

Year 7 Worry Box

Happy Mental Health day! Today is particularly important because we learn how to keep our Mental Health strong. One way is through communication and asking for help when needed. Many people do not feel comfortable sharing their feelings as they feel it is a problem too small not worth sharing or they are ashamed, scared, or worried others will find out. You may be reflecting on feelings that are upsetting, irritating, or annoying. That is what the ‘Worry Box’ is for, as you can write a note and leave it in the box anonymously, with your tutor group clearly marked. The issue will be addressed by the form tutor responsible.

It is a box in the Year 7 hub and is free for anyone to use. Being Anti-Bullying Ambassador means that I need to think about my peers and how I can make the classroom more of an accessible place for people to know not to be apprehensive about sharing your feelings. Being scared is one thing but conquering it is another. I want people to know that mental health is just as important as physical health and that feeling/being dejected can do a lot to a person. 

I wanted to show awareness and say that if you're upset, you need to take charge. Nothing will happen if you stay quiet. Make this your time to reflect and think. Essentially, the worry box is supposed to make all your worries vanish and to help you grow a good mindset knowing that you have nothing discouraging you from being happy. Joy is key, it is the road to a fortunate life.