Year 5 meet Letitia Wright

Monday 05 October 2020

It is with excitement that as we enter the month of October, we nationally celebrate Black History Month. A chance to aim high, be brave, be kind and keep learning all together as a school community with rich history and diversity. 

It is wonderful to have such a diverse community at Ark Burlington Danes, and one of the ways in which we can engage in this, is through open discussion, conversation and celebration.  
One of the ways we have started this month, has included an incredible opportunity to speak with BAFTA award winning actress Letitia Wright, organised by Mrs Kingsley. Year Five pupils in Zephaniah and Naidoo had the chance to meet her virtually to ask questions about her education, her career and her faith. They also got to share portraits from their art studies and talk about her experiences of being part of underrepresented minorities in Hollywood.   

Letitia was so impressed with our kind and courteous students that she has offered to come and visit in person when things go back to normal – if she isn’t too busy saving the world! 

Interviewing Letitia Wright by Bia 

On Thursday 1st October both year five classes names Naidoo and Zephaniah interviewed Black panther BAFTA award winning star Letitia Wright! Due to Covid-19 we had to video call her instead of meeting her face to face. Never the less, it was still amazing!

Before we interviewed her, we walked around looking at everyone's art pieces inspired by Andy Warhol.

Everybody learnt something by her for example that she was born in Guyana.

Letitia started acting when she was 12 years old and always loved to act! She got an agent and has been in Doctor Who and she didn’t go to university just before she auditioned for Black Panther she quit acting to find God and then she auditioned for Black Panther.

Letitia Wright gave us some acting tips after one of our peers asked for tips, she wants to be an actress also. The tips were 1) Tell your parents. 2) Get acting classes in your age group 3)Get an agent and finally 4)Practice!

Letitia was lovely to interview and was super nice. She told us some shocking facts-like it took 20 minutes to get into the Black Panther suit!

It wad delightful to speak to her and an awesome experience!