Year 13 Student Wins Scholarship to Travel the World

At the beginning of the academic year, Marcella Cilia, Year 13, applied for a scholarship as part of a gap year scheme offered by the Royal Geographical Society.

The scheme involves travelling around the world to select destinations and working with specialists across various disciplines. The scholarship offers financing of up to £4000 to cover costs throughout the year, including air travel, food and accommodation.

With hundreds of applicants vying for a place, Marcella was one of just 25 to be shortlisted for an interview, with only 12 scholarships offer. After days of waiting, it was finally confirmed at the beginning of this week that Marcella is to be one of those 12 – a fantastic testament to her dedication and talent.

She said: “It was one of the best feelings... with hard work and passion, great things can happen.”

Marcella will begin her travels in September 2014 and will return in August 2015, when she will enter university to study geology and geography. We are all incredibly proud of Marcella and look forward to hearing all about her incredible adventures.