Y11 Geography Field Trip

Thursday 19 September 2013

Miss Stone reports on the year 11 Geography Fieldwork Trip.

Day 1

On a slightly damp Wednesday morning 85 students from Y11 and six staff set off on the annual GCSE Geography Fieldwork Trip to Margam Park FSC in South Wales.

By the time we had arrived the rain was pouring down, but to our fearless Geographers this just added to the experience. They put on their waterproofs and wellies (in a range of colours, prints and shades) and headed down to test out their equipment on a local river.

After an 8pm finish in the classroom, they enjoyed some free time in the common rooms and the grounds of the centre, with a number of students commenting on the freshness of the Welsh air.


Day 2

After a short classroom session, students boarded the coaches and set off for six hours of data collection along the length of the River Ogmore. The rest of the day was spent measuring the depth, velocity and bedload of the river; the students’ commitment to accurate results was extremely pleasing.

By the time the second group arrived at the mouth of the river, being dry didn’t seem so important anymore (not a view supported by the coach driver). Back at the centre, after hot showers, they again worked until 8pm calculating their data.


Day 3

With tiredness setting in the students worked hard until lunchtime, producing fantastic cross-section graphs; and then, all too soon, it was time to go home. I agree with Shaniah that we definitely should have stayed until the end of the weekend, but I'm not sure Madam Coates agrees.

Well done Y11 geographers on having such a wonderful attitude and focus, I really enjoyed the trip and I know the other staff did too.

Miss Stone