Welsh Dragon Roars Again

Mr Thornton: Fresh from Sunday's 6 nations victory for Ireland BDA hosted it's own 6 Nations Touch Rugby tournament in aid of Sports Relief on Wednesday night.

Wales flew out of the blocks and were the early front runners. The strong running of Miss Barton and top end speed of Mr Cooke perfectly offset by Captain Omar Kouadri and surprise package Loujaine Kabbour.

England also started well with starlets Aston Solomon and Kurt Fagyan working well with the Robshawesque Mr Crawford ,resulting in 2 early wins.

France had not started so well and despite captain Adam Elbounabi's best efforts to tame his loose cannon Mr Gooch the team was showing some division. Comments such as 'That's not left that's right you doughnut' and 'Your running lines are all wrong' could be heard from 2 pitches away and were clearly having an effect!  Vintage France. Allez Les Bleus!

In contrast Ireland's leader Patrick Quiligan had all of his troops well drilled and onside. Their commitment summed up when the fearless Mrs Casey dived head first at BDA's answer to Rambo, Kurt Fagyan. Brian O'Driscoll would have been proud.

Italy had also gotten off to a slow start but that all seemed to change with the arrival of Janina Della Aitken who proved a perfect foil for the fleet-footed Lucillo Burrell, Eduardo Carrington and Raul Mancini. Suddenly it was raining tries.

Scotland, led by Mr Woodruff, fought hard. Combining the direct running of Kaelen Paul with the tricky feet of both Miss Ledwidge and the ever-smiling Yonis Ahmed, but points were proving hard to come by.

As the rounds went on, England's wins turned into draws, the plan of playing 2 male teaching staff had been foiled and the previously impeccable Mr Crawford now started to show his football roots with his berating of the officials:)

The running was tireless, commitment fantastic and tries at times spectacular. With round 5 played the players waited whilst I checked my maths for a 5th time. Still not convinced of by my own counting skills but feeling under pressure with maths queen Miss Barton stood close by, I announced the result. The winners... Wales. Congrats to them.

Thank you to everyone who took part, I hope it was as enjoyable to play in as it was to watch.