A Visit from the US Embassy

Mr Whitlock: Over the past five weeks a core group of Year 11 students have participated in the "Being Muslim Being British" course which is funded by Ealing Council & led by Anjum Khan on behalf of Cambridge Universities Psychology Department.

Students were exposed to prevalent issues facing young Muslims and their identity in Britain today whilst developing their integrated complexity through short videos, role play and debate. The culmination of this course ended on Tuesday with a visit from the United States Embassy.  Present was the First Secretary to the Ambassador, Eric Geelan, and Jamie Martin  Some 6th formers joined the group as students posed challenging questions on issues surrounding Snowden, Guantanamo Bay, Iraq War, Osama Bin Laden, International Relations with the Kurds and much more.

The US Embassy said they would report back to Washington D.C with ideas and concerns that were brought by students.  They also commented saying BDA students have been the most sophisticated and articulate when being questioned out of any school they have visited.  After this the BMBB students gave short presentations reflecting on the course and were awarded with certificates.